Been constipated for 2 weeks, used enema Sat. Had very small bm, have elevated liver enzymes and bilirubin in urine, ultrasound was normal. Now what?

Do this next. Are you on any meds? Get a thyroid check and porphyria screen. Drink plenty of water and read about fiber, consider a stool softener. Trust you have no toxic exposures (lead) or risk for Chagas. Colonoscopy may be in future. How much bilirubin in the urine? How high were the liver enzymes? Has the liver workup proceeded (hep B/ c / iron overload, Wilson's, antinuclear antibodies)?
What does the Dr say. You must have seen a Dr since you know about lab tests. Bilirubin in urine is never normal. You give vague, scant clues about an illness. You will not get useful answers this way. ASK YOUR DR WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!!! If your Dr does not know, she will refer you to another DR.
For constipation. take Senna. Senna is a very safe natural plant product with a wide dosage range. Start by taking 2 tablets at bedtime, if you do not have a comfortable bowel movement (BM) the next day, take 4 tablets the next night. You can continue to increase the dose by 2 tablets every night until it works. It is safe and effective to continue taking the dose that works every night.

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Elevated liver enzymes and bilirubin on and off for 7 months is this normal with fatty liver?

Probably. It's a given that fatty liver is not normal. I trust that additional concerns -- notably wilson's -- have been ruled out, and that you're taking steps, including aerobic fitness, to keep the fatty liver at bay. I'm glad you're keeping this under close watch and hope you'll stay proactive. Read more...

I am working in cambodia. I have elevated liver enzymes (alt 149) & GGT is 280. Is it safe to get hep a & b vaccines? Liver sonogram normal -

Get serology first,, Before you even think of getting vaccinated it'd be good to get a serologic result to see if you've already been exposed and made antibodies to hep a, b or the other hepatitis viruses. You might have contracted one of them without knowing it. Next, more liver tests/other tests would be needed to find out why your enzymes are elevated. You might have gone to an area endemic for malaria, etc.. Read more...