Root canal tooth broke, have been in pain. Was given antibiotics yesterday and now the area is more swollen. Is that normal?

Broken tooth. Much more information is needed. This requires a clinical and visual exam with x-rays to determine the cause of the swelling and pain. It could be from an infection, it could be from the fractured tooth. It could be from a neighboring tooth. If the swelling is a result of the fracture, antibiotics may be ineffective. Call your dentist.
Normal. It may take a day or two for the antiboitics to kick in. However, your swelling may be due to inflammation more than an infection, so you need to also take antiinflammatory meds. Speak to your dentist.
Far from normal. Antibiotics can't reach all the bacteria inside a root canal. They are given to reduce the bacteria that spread outside the canal. If root canal treatment is not done, an infected broken tooth may have to be extracted. See your dentist for evaluation and treatment option. Take care.
Antibiotic. It takes 24 to 38 hours for an antibiotic t take effect. OTC ibuprophen and ice packs can help the swelling in the short term. Call the dentist that perscribed the antibiotics and let them know what you are experiencing. They will give you the best advice.

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