What medical treatment should I be looking for with Levoscoliosis and missing L5 vertebrae?

Medical Treatment? You mean as in a pill or some medication to REVERSE the disease? There's nothing of a medicinal nature to cure levoscoliosis (curvature of the spine to the left) or a missing vertebrae. Efforts should be directed toward pain reduction or control and your doctor has probably prescribed along those lines. Is it SEVERE? If mild you may not need treatment. There are surgical approaches but not good.
Be seen. It varies based primarily on the size of your curve; sometimes no treatment is needed at all. I would not hesitate to be seen by a specialist to be fully evaluated.

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I have done physical Theropy and Cyropractics for my levoscoliosis and missing L5 vertebrae and I'm still in pain. What should I look at for medical treatments?

An evaluation. It is time to see a Physician, either a primary care or a specialist in back problems. There are many good treatments depending on the exact source of your pain and symptoms. Read more...