How to boost testosterone?

If mild, Consider these harmless lifestyle changes that can boost yor testosterone naturally: sleep hygiene to improve sleep quality and duration (even a few days of poor sleep can drop testosterone levels), lose weight, and optimize the treatment of any chronic disease you may have (uncontrolled illness can lower testosterone).
Testosterone. First of all, it's important that you don't take tv commercial ads seriously. They often talk about 'low t', like it's an epidemic. Testosterone testing is notoriously unreliable and the actual number of people with low t is a small fraction of what advertisers want you to believe. Therefore, for most people, it isn't necessary to boost your level. Low libido could be from depression, stress.
Options. No need to boost testosterone unless you have symptoms of low T, and blood levels of T are low, or very low normal range. If truly need T level increased, best options are topical T gel products applied to skin daily, or implantable T pellets placed under skin 2-4 times a year (depending on product used) in a 5 min offc procedure. Injections are synthetic, T levels and symptoms fluctuate.
Low testosterone. Testosterone replacement therapy is an fda approved practice in aging males, or male that are hypogonadal for other reasons. Androgel, axiron, and injectable testosterones are the ones most commonly prescribed. Total testosterone levels below 300 ng/dl result in fatigue, decreased libido, increased body adiposity, erectile dysfunction, and decreased cognitive function. The diagnosis needstreatment.