Cough 4 6 weeks, bronchitis. Lost voice 5 days ago. No sore throat. Can nearly speak. Can I get my voice back faster? Seen doc says its a cold

Don't force it. Avoid drying agents like sudafed. Don't try to force yourself to be heard. If you try to force it, you can strain your vocal cords and make the problem last a lot longer. So whisper, or right notes. Nod or shake your head solemnly, and people will think you are wise! The sages of history were known to not speak much. Or, as my ex said, if you need something done just "grunt and point !!!"
See below. Laryngitis will usually resolve within a week. There is no recommended treatment to hasten the recovery except for performers who must use their voice professionally. In that case corticosteroid medication can be used and will reduce swelling and hasten recovery But not without risks: if the performer strains his or her vocal cords there is a risk of vocal cord hemorrhage and permanent scarring.