Am I unable to efficiently digest food while on Prevacid (lansoprazole)?

Will likely digest. When a person takes Prevacid (lansoprazole), (lansoprazole) it should be because they have too much stomach acid. While the drug will likely lower the level of acid, there are other ways that acid is produced and released. It is probably better to think of Prevacid (lansoprazole) as "dialing it down" rather than turning off a switch.

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I have been taking prevacid (lansoprazole) 15mg for a 1.5 wks. Can it slow digestion? I feel food stuck in throat & sometimes regurgitate. Throat gets red and raw.?

Swallowing difficuly. You need to see a GI specialist for upper endoscopy for further evaluation to make sure that there is no esophagitis, ulcers, stricture, narrowing, etc. Regurgitation of food suggests a bad case of gerd or loose esophageal sphincter. You need further evaluation by a specialist. Throat symptoms are likely related to severe acid reflux. Read more...