Was in hospital for gallbladder removal heart rate low, in the 40 s, low sodium high glucose, any ideas?

Depends on. kind of rhythm caused bradycardia. Low sodium could be caused by many things, including high blood sugar, but depends on level of hyponatremia and hyperglycemia. It could be a simple or complicated problem depending on level of abnormality.

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Can a failing gall bladder cause high blood press and high heart rate?

Depends . Not sure what you mean by a failing gall bladder. If you’re having gall bladder attacks (abdominal pain after eating fatty foods), pain can definitely cause your blood pressure and heart rate to go up. But if you aren’t anxious or in pain, there could be something else going on. Regardless, you should get checked out to see if you have hypertension and if there is a rhythm abnormality going on. . Read more...