I am 35 years old and my weight is 89 kgs. According to BMI index my weight should be around 82 kgs. Kindly tell me weekly diet plan and exercises.?

You decide. Thirty years in medicine has persuaded me that your "ideal weight" is really what looks and feels right to you and to your spouse if you are married. During the past few years, hard evidence of serious adverse health effects of being a bit "overweight" by the charts is remarkably elusive. Others will disagree, but i suggest you find a form of exercise you really like and take it up seriously.
Check out Ornish. Read dean ornish, follow the eating/exercise plan, but add about 25-30 grams of healthy fat to the ornish menu. I also have a simple "menu" on my web site: www.Portlandpreventivecardiology.Com.