Has any derm. Heard of a preparation of baneocin cream+ epanutin capsules used to treat anal fissures, very effective but what are the side effects?

ANAL FISSURES. Baneocin is just neomycin & bacitracin. The same as neosporin. Epaneutin is a brand name drug for phenytoin, that is used for convulsions & epilepsy (seizures.) Phenytoin orally has a lot of side effects. The sheet accompanying this when you purchased it, should have been given to you that lists all its side effects.
Ointments. There are ointments with less side effect profiles that have been very well investigated and have good healing rates for anal fissures. I have not seen the studies for baneocin in the treatment of fissures. This is not an infectious problem, thus not sure why that would have any effect. Need to decrease the sphincter tone to aid in healing.