Woke up with calf pain. Can't remember having a spasm. No redness/swelling. Only hurts when walking or bending foot. DVT possible? I do sit a lot.

Not typically. Without calf swelling DVT not likely although without more information hard to say. Calf pain may just be a cramp or musculoskeletal strain/injury etc. If it persists despite analgesics/anti-inflammatories see your primary care physician.
Pain. sounds more like a muscle cramp if it doesn't improve suggest evaluation, a venous doppler sonogram would determine if dvt.

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Possible cause of 8/10 calf pain for 4 days, no dvt. No swelling, redness, bruising and no sports, no falls, etc. Pain began while stationary in bed.

Prolonged bed rest? Are you on any meds?, meds can cause pain. Is it both legs? If not is one warmer then the other? Has there been recent trauma?(like tripping-which can tear a muscle or tendon, also do you wear the orthopedic device commonly called `high heels'?)) You claim no swelling, edema is tested by pressing at the shin with thumb to see if it leaves depression in tissue. You may need ultrasound of leg veins. Read more...