Can you tell me about your experience in med school and medical practice, the pros and cons of the job, etc. I'm in highschool and want to major in med?

Great Question. People who are interested in medicine often have a tough time learning more about what it takes to be a doctor. Start with your family doctor or ped (call them and let them know you are interested, we are usually happy to talk to people about it) if that is not an option, call the med school closest to you and they can pair you up with a physician or student to answer your questions. Good luck!
Medicine's special. Medicine may be right for you, but only if you love the science stuff. There are many ways of serving humankind, many indeed that may be far nobler. Once you are a physician, opportunities are extremely varied, and you can find something that suits you. Most physicians i know says they'd do it again, though others burn out in our dysfunctional health care system. Follow your dream.
Sure. But not in this forum.I have wanted to be a pediatrician since 8th grade. I went thru the process with hi's and lo's.I have been in practice 35 years and am living the dream. Details are to complex for this site and space.