I have been put on Avelox for 5 days by a doctor in your network for acute bronchitis and a sinus infection. Shouldn't I be on it longer?

Probably enough. Five days of Avelox is probably enough. If you feel significantly better after taking it for 5 days, but then start feeling sick again within a few days, then that may indicate that the course was not long enough or that the germs causing the infection are resistant to Avelox. Resistance to Avelox is not likely as it is a newer antibiotic and not widely used. Hope you feel better.

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Hi, I have been suffering with acute bronchitis and a sinus infection for almost 2 weeks. I spoke to a doctor on your online network. He prescribed Avelox for 5 days. But read online that 7 is accurat?

Virus. Acute Bronchitis is usually caused by a virus. So the antibiotics would not have helped. And yes, Avelox has a range of time courses (usually between 5-10 days). Generally, symptoms usually resolve within 4 weeks - although a post-infectious cough might remain for a few weeks longer. that helps! Read more...