Whats the best breakfast for you to eat, in order to lose weight?

Don't skip. Protein. Ideal breakfast would be a little protein (bit of low fat ham), some fiber (any cereal with 'bran' in name), and some fruit (blueberry). Don't skip breakfast! your body will compensate by decreasing metabolism. Avoid too many carbs, since may trigger more hunger later. In a rush, the low carb, high protein bars (150-180 cal) are ok. Adkins makes a decent bar.
Whole grain, fruit. Eat a breakfast that will keep you satisfied for 3-4 hours, like oatmeal with fruit or chopped nuts or a bagel with peanut butter and a piece of fresh fruit. Eat breakfast every day so you don't get hungry mid-morning and end up snacking on high-calorie foods. Eat enough so you feel satisfied rather than full.
Protein. The best breakfast should consist of at least 20 grams of protein for a man, 15 grams for a woman. Eggs with turkey sausage, protein shake, low-fat cottage cheese, and plain non-fat greek yogurt are all healthy choices. If you have carbs in the morning, try to make it whole grain such as whole wheat toast, and limit your added sugar.