My son had a biopsy on a lymph node. He has swollen nodes all over in his neck jaw groin and armpits. It came back benign but referred to hematologist?

Workup. The hematologist oncologist will perform studies to rule out cancer and to find out the cause. The studies may include imaging, particularly of the chest and abdomen. The blood work will include cell counts, immune studies and a test called an ESR.
Remember . Biopsies, particularly lymph node biopsies, aren't perfect for identifying problems. That's why it's good to have specialist follow up, to make sure all diagnostic modalities are used to ensure that the correct diagnosis is made.
Yes! To do further diagnostic tests and review the biopsy to find out what is causing the enlarged lymph glands. Make sure it is not cancer and if, it is , the stage and type of cancer, so they can discuss the best treatment plans available ! Good luck !

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I have a extremely small bump on my testicle. I have swollen lymph nodes in my neck, jaw, groin and armpit. Do I have cancer I'm really worried?

Medical checkup reco. You need a medical examination to help you find out what all your symptoms are due to. The size of the lymph nodes matters in assessing seriousness of your condition. if the nodes are >1cm, get checked up right away and find out the cause. There are causes other than cancer which can lead to enlarged lymph nodes. Read more...