Is there anyway to stay off diabetes drugs permanently? I've made serious changes to diet and exercise. What tests do I need now and ongoing?

Blood sugars. Commendable that u r actively working to improve your health. Losing 7-10% of your weight can reduce your risk. However, some people r genetically predisposed, and in general pancreas may weaken with age so u may need a me down the road if u have predm or dm now. Check fasting blood sugar once in a while to keep an eye on how u r doing. Best is fasting sugar <100.
Maybe. Most with diabetes need to stay on some medication. But if you have made life style changes, it is possible that you no longer need medication. It depends on how severe the problem was. You need testing of the blood sugar and HGB a1c. If they are low your medication could be cut back, but then the tests would need to be repeated to be sure that the diabetes is still controlled.