36 yr old, stiff neck and back, dizzy-like headache, no vomit or fever, plus a Balanitis recently, shall I see doc immediately to rule out meningitis?

Need an exam. While the overwhelming likelihood is that your symptoms are due to a viral illness, one cannot be sure without an in person evaluation which should not wait.

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Hi Doc. I suspect that I have meningitis because of the symptoms. But I have no fever and my wbc falls within normal range. Does that rule out meningitis? I feel the symptoms for long time now. Head ache, face numb cheek, stiff neck, numb arms. But I

Cant be for so long. Meningitis is not without fever unless it is part of an auto-immune syndrome. With no fever and with normal white count this is not acute meningitis. This may be an auto-immune condition. You need to see a doctor and have lab work done. Read more...