HPV related or ovulating? I have cramps in lower pelvic area and sore breasts.

Not HPV. HPV does not cause pelvic symptoms. None. What you describe might be ovulation, could also be other things. You'd need a history and an exam to find out, very best wishes!

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Had protected sex yesterday next morning sore breasts and cramps. I was not fertile or ovulating according to ovulating calendar either. Help! ?

Hormonal changes. It is possible for women, especially young women to develop breast tenderness and ovarian/uterine cramping due to hormonal changes, despite your menstrual calendar suggesting you are not about to ovulate or menstruate. I recommend treating these symptoms the same - ibuprofen or naproxen, moist heat on pelvis, sports bra or no bra, and limiting caffeine. Take care! Read more...

All of a sudden I'm getting sore breasts and cramps while ovulating. What could be wrong?

Likely nothing. These are common complaints, cycles often vary from month to month and over years. Keep an eye on things, look for patterns, likely nothing's wrong. Read more...