What is the best way to relieve pain for a buldging disk? I have been on 5m of oxycone 3 x a day since 10/2011. I stretch daily.

Concerning. You would be well served by a complete regimen of non-operative care including formal pt, injections, etc. If this fails then you may be a candidate for surgical intervention. Surgery is really the last resort for a bulging disc without clearcut radicular complaints. I am worried about your use of oxycodone for a prolonged period of time. I would try and wean yourself off of this.
Ride it out. The best way to treat a buldging disc is to undergo a formal course of conservative treatment with pt, meds, pain mgmt (trigger point injections, epidural steroid injections if you have radicular pain i.E sciatica. Accupuncture chiropractic care etc) if all fails and you are in extreme pain after 6 months of treatment than surgery may be an option possible lumbar fusion or disc replacement.
Another Opinion. While some consider a discogram diagnostic, other spine surgeons would hesitate to ever consider utilizing that modality to make diagnostic or treatment decisions. Find a board-certified neurosurgeon or ortho spine specialist who will explain in a way you understand why he/she wishes to order a test to diagnose your symptoms and what is to be done with the info.
Bulging disc. Bacxkache from a bulging disc needs to be verified by a discogram . 95%of low backache is muscular and 30% of asymptomatic people have an MRI with bulges and/or loss of water content on MRI the surgical sucess rate for central backache is often reported as 70% i feel the 30%failure rate is a diagnostic problem blaming the bulging disc for backache is an assumption until confirmed on discogram.