Ionized Calcium 4.65, PTH 133, Calcium 10.3, Vitamin D 7, Phosphorus 4.9, recurrent Kidney stones. Thyroid lobe, two parathyroids removed in 2004.

Uncertain. These test results don't add up to a straight forward answer. However, I would be concerned about the possibility of recurrent primary hyperparathyroidism. You should take Vit D to eliminate Vit D deficiency as a cause for high PTH levels. Once this is done, if you still have high PTH with high calcium levels, you have recurrent primary HPTH and will need surgery again.

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Low vitamin D - 7 High parathyroid- 133 Recurrent kidney stones Low normal ionized calcium 4.65 Calcium 10.3 Are kidney stones due to low vitamin D?

No. Hi. Nope, stones NOT due to low vitamin D. You should do an accurate 24-hour urine for creatinine (for validation), calcium, oxalate, citrate, phosphate, and sodium; UA for urine pH. Your total calcium looks a tad high; confirm total calcium and albumin, and ionized calcium. You should see an experienced endocrinologist or nephrologist for a thorough evaluation. Good luck! Read more...