Is loprox (ciclopirox) cream ok to use on my mild to oily skin on face to treat tinea versicolor or is the gel version better?

Not much difference. The 3 topical formulations (gel, cream, lotion) available offer little difference for skin type...They just feel a bit different during application because of different consistency, but otherwise they all dry out relatively quickly and thus probably won't make much of a difference for you. So whatever you have/got, give it a try. U probably have more than just on face? Consult doc. Good luck.

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Can the use of loprox (ciclopirox) cream on the face to treat tinea v cause breakouts?

Tinea Versicolor. Most people use anti-fungal creams, lotions or shampoos to treat their tinea versicolor symptoms. Some of these include selenium sulfide (selsun), ciclopirox (loprox) and ketoconazole (nizoral). The selsun lotion (2.5 percent ) works well as a tinea versicolor remedy. Loprox comes in a cream, gel or lotion. And Nizoral is available as a shampoo and cream. Read more...