Have I got lung cancer coughing up tiny bit of blood with green phlegm it's happened 4 times have got a cold and cough I'm scared?

Low likelihood. after your Upper respiratory episode ends be Checked by PCP and may need X-ray. If you are a smoker, heavy smoker, positive family history, weight loss and recurrent spells,then the risk of CANCER rises.

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I'm so scared I've had a cold and cough but in the mornings wen I cough up phlegm there's been a tiny bit of blood have I got lung cancer?

No. These findings not indicative of lung cancer. Cough with occasional sign of blood tinged sputum frequently due to irritation of pharynx where sputum may arise. If symptoms don't improve but progress then chest X ray needed. Read more...

Scared I've got lung cancer cough and cold for a while today coughed and there was a tiny speech of blood, after blew my nose and there was blood ther?

Suggestions. Inflammation in the airway ( either upper or lower ) may be associated with small amounts of bleeding. If your nose is bleeding this can appear in the post nasal drainage. If you are a smoker in particular, I would suggest sputum cytologies. During a viral illness, your asthma may worsen, requiring an adjustment of your medications. VIrtual consult follow up available at Healthtap.com. Read more...