My ldl is 141. High normal is 131. Is it ok that im taking fish oil daily still?

Fish oil okay. Taking Fish oil will not impact the LDL. To lower LDL, think about cutting back on your animal fat, diary products, process food, and sugar. For more healthful tips, download my book, Your Vibrant Heart at
Fish oil. What's the rest of your lipid profile look like. While fish oil is pretty good at raising the HDL and lowering the triglycerides, its effect on LDL is marginal. Your LDL is too high, so merely supplementing fish oil may not be the right solution to your cholesterol woes, but we'd really need to see the whole cholesterol profile to really know what would be best.

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Fasting biometric screening. HDL and LDL within normal limits. Triglycerides high at 290. Should I be worried? Will fish oil help? I'm 31.

Hey man! The last decade's worth of studies of fish oils and vascular health have been horribly disappointing. I suggest you stop worrying, do more of the physical fitness stuff that you love doing, and get rechecked in three months. This may be your body's way of asking you for more exercise. You'll look good, feel good, and I'll make a side bet that the triglycerides are way down. Read more...