What is the cause of reoccurring yeast infections and also vaginal flatulence? The yeast I've been having 2 years. Also had h.pylori too

Lifestyle change. See a functional medicine doctor and a nutritionist. Your body is out of balance in pH, nutrition, gut bacteria, and possibly other areas.
Antibiotics. Recurrent vaginal yeast is usually caused by yeast overgrowth in our intestines, known as intestinal candidiasis. This is a common side effect of antibiotics & hormones including birth control pills. It is treated with a low starch diet, probiotics & antifungal drugs or herbs. See http://tinyurl.com/234ag4b A holistic or integrative physician can help guide your treatment.

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I have been suffering from yeast infection and oral thrush, now diagnosed with gastritis. Blood test came back negative for H. Pylori. What do I do?

Several causes. for gastritis, H. Pylori is one of them, testing negative for it doesn't mean you don't have gastritis, treatment for thrush is available and handy, but why did you get it is the question? Could be due to steroids, which v. Read more...