Sudden cough stuffy nose wheezing when breathing and headache from coughing could I be coming down with a cold?

You may. As described, you appear to be developing an infection that is affecting your lungs too with probable congestion and resultant wheezing. See the Doctor to get evaluated and treated, and to determine if it is viral or bacterial, for which the latter would require antibiotics. Best wishes.

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I have a real bad cough, stuffy nose. I been like this for a week now. I have whezzing, sometimes have a little pain in my chest, get headaches, . When I blow my nose yellow stuff comes out. Sometimes blood comes out of my nose. My coughing is worse.

If . If you are wheezing and have chest pain you could be dealing with asthma, bronchitis, or other respiratory illness. You definitely need to see your doctor for an evaluation and treatment. You may require antibiotics and/or medications(i.E inhaler) to help relieve your wheezing. Please seek care right away. Read more...

My husband has symptoms of excess mucus, cough, wheezing, and stuffy nose but no fever or chills. If it's not a cold, what could it be?

Workup/M.D. visit. These symptoms may be due to a number of underlying conditions. Among these are asthma, COPD, CF, allergic rhinitis and asthma, aspiration or reflux and aspiration. Avoiding triggers and smoke, and seeing your physician to discuss these possible causes is recommended. Read more...