If I have ear pain from ETD and what feels like excess pressure is the valsalva maneuver a bad idea?

ET Dysfunction. Once the issues behind the ET dysfunction are solved (infection, allergy, virus, etc) (not before) then it's important to start clearing you ears with a Valsalva menuver - I am a DAN (Divers Alert Network ) physician and see numerous scuba divers who can't clear their ears. We undertake to diagnose and fix the issues then they can start to Valsalva again (required in diving). .
ETD. Trouble equalizing the pressure in your middle ear creates a fullness. You want to pop or clear your ears. It is called eustachian tube dysfunction (ETD). Decongestant either sprayed into the nose or taken orally can help. Sometimes your doctor needs to examine this and treat with other Rx, if no success with OTC Rx. Valsalva maneuvers can be done safely, gently. Don't force it.

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Used too much pressure doing nasal irrigation. Left ear is clogged. Valsalva maneuver ineffective. Have been taking sudafed. Ineffective?

May need time. It may take a few days to weeks for the fluid to clear. Avoid irrigation for now but could continue sudafed. If the hearing is affected or continues for >4 weeks would see ENT to make sure nothing else is going on. Read more...