I have a friend that smokes lidoderm patches. What can happend to her if she keeps on doin it? Is she trying to get high on them?

Addictive Disorder. Lidocaine works to help pain by blocking sodium channels. By smoking Lidoderm she can intoxicate and die pretty easily. Find an addiction psychiatrist for consultation and help.
Not recommended. Patch recommended as topical numbing agent- serious side effects could occur like uneven heartbeats even seizures. Tell your friend to discontinue immediately!!
Swallowing can kill. I've never heard of smoking them, but I've heard of deaths from swallowing. It's certainly not a good thing to do and your guess as to why she'd do it is as good as anyone but hers. I hope she decides to find a better way to meet her needs and eventually to re-direct them. Having a good friend is a good start. Finding interesting things to do will help too. Tell her it's risky. I wish U both well!