I have bad social anxiety, depression, adhd. Currently take these psych meds: lexapro, Wellbutrin, (bupropion) klonopin, adderall. Still struggling badly. Ideas?

Add CBT therapy. Research shows that the CBT therapy optimizes psychological outcomes w/ or w/out medication. It's the component that can make changes in how you deal w/ the challenges (large and small) that are part of living. Unless we do that, we struggle w/ uncertain results. You need to find one you'll work well w/. It's a bit like a coach. Please consider this addition.
Second opinion. It is clear that you have many symptoms. If you are not making the progress you feel you should, perhaps a second opinion is in order. This will involve a medical and psychiatric history, social history, perhaps some lab tests, and possibly psychological testing.

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44M. Takes Lexapro for depression. What else can he take for anxiety? Wellbutrin (bupropion)? Needs to be able to take during the day. Hates job, stressed.

Many options. Lexapro is usually good for both depression and anxiety..Standard dose is 20 mg. Could increase dose if on less than that. Adding Wellbutrin could help depression, but can increase anxiety for some people. Buspirone could be adding if anxiety persists despite adequate treatment of depression. Consider switch from lexapro to paroxetine, effexor, (venlafaxine) or mirtazepine before going to polypharmacy. Read more...