In your opinion, is neonatial/nicu nursing a good feild to go into. And is there a shortage of these professionals?

Excellent career. Neonatal nursing is a wonderful career. You will learn to care for very sick babies and their families. Often the care you give will make a tremendous difference in the life of your patient and family (forever!). It is very gratifying to have one of your 'graduates' come back to visit. As for job openings, this varies by year and decade. Follow your dreams.
Very rewarding. I would consider neonatal nursing more of a calling than career - however it may well be both. If you have the stomach to manage severely ill newbornsm then your services will be needed more and more in the future, as more and more women postpone pregnancy until obesity and infertily set in.. Any major metropolitan area is looking for nicu rns.
Wonderful field. For the right type of person it is a very rewarding field. You must be aware that many babies are being born to alcoholic, drug and smoking moms who have permanently harmed their baby and the nicu has to assist these vulnerable infants. It can be quite emotional at times, but nicu nurses and doctors are great people. Good luck!