My daughter has a rash on her chest. Sandpaper feel, itchy, with cough and chest congestion, no fever associated. Although vague, what could this be?

Viral Exanthem. Most likely symptoms are related to viral illness but if she starts having a fever and sore throat then it could be scarlet fever related to Streptococcal infection. Finally the two symptoms could be unrelated with a common cold and dry winter skin or skin irritation from an agent contacting her skin.
Scarlet fever ? Sandpapery texture suggests scarlet fever - which is strep throat with a rash. But the cough and chest congestion make a viral rash more likely. Scarlet fever usually goes with a red sore throat and red lips and tongue, headache, stomach ache and fever. It's diagnosed with a throat culture. Otherwise, if it's a viral rash, there is not so much you can do.

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I have terrible chest congestion with a itchy cough in my lungs. I am on a z-pac. How long does it usually take to clear up?

Doctor can re-check. After starting antibiotics, things should be better each day after the first 2 days. Otherwise, the doctor can re-check to see if a different antibiotic or a longer course of antibiotics is needed. Sometimes asthma meds such as inhalers and anti-inflammatories like singulair (montelukast) or Prednisone are also needed. If doing well, a mild residual cough can be around for a couple of weeks, improving daily. Read more...