Had a root canal on wisdom tooth. Pain for three weeks. Pain reliever Round the clock. Pain in cheek and jawbone. Half of face with teeth in pain.

See specialist. Have you been in touch with the Dentist ?? If a specialist did the treatment,they would want to see you ASAP to address this issue. If not done by specialist, then you should see an Endodontist for evaluation and treatment. My concern based on your report is that you may have cracked the tooth, and if this is the case, it will need to be extracted. Good Luck -- Make Appt.
I understand. It must be very unpleasant to think of returning to that dentist, but they know more about the procedure you underwent than anyone and it may be that they can correct this. It may need extraction - often wisdom teeth can not be saved. So much pain or killer can't be good. See a dentist ASAP.
See your dentist. Some pain after a root canal is normal. However, if you are still experiencing a tooth ache or pain for longer than a few days, you should contact your dentist for evaluation and re-treatment if needed.
Not normal. Not normal. May be ineffective root canal or another tooth. See dentist who did root canal. You may need referral to an oral surgeon.