6 month daughter has 2 white looking puss on her upper gums. Not teeth. Bleed when dabbed with a cloth. Seems to be in pain. What could it be?

Eruption Cyst. Is most likely cause. This is a variation on normal. When the new tooth forms it forms inside a sac. This sac usually breaks open under the gum as the tooth comes in and you never see it. Sometimes it comes up with the tooth and can look like a white bump when it breaks though the gum. The tooth usually comes up within 10-14 days. See Pediatric Dentist for an exam to be sure.
Infection? sometimes young children can get eruption cysts on gums that are purple and filled with blood. Normally this is in older infants when larger side teeth are coming in and usually they are not painful. Because they seem painful, it is possible that this is part of a viral infection, A visual diagnosis is necessary, so I would recommend you see your doctor.
Epithelial cysts. They usually spontaneously fall off and generally require no treatment. If concerned see a pediatrician for check up.