Atypical glandular cells - favor neoplastic was my pap smear test result. Negative colposcopy- & endocervical curretings result. Please explain.

Maybe benign and overcall. It is possible that the cells are reactive and they were over called as worrisome for cancer but in fact are completely normal this would explain the findings. You should have me look at the pap smear i will give you the right answer.
Abnormal pap. I would agree that your testing may have been over read, but in order to complete the evaluation you also need an endometrial sampling as the glandular cells can be coming from the uterus. The evaluation is not complete yet. If all testing is normal once the endometrium has been biopsied, then yes it may have been over read and you should have repeat cotesting (pap and HPV) at 12 and 24 months.