I think I may be pregnant but I'm getting a yeast infection, can I take anything for it?

Sure. Try over the counter medications such as Monistat if you do not have a regular MD, however you do need to follow up with OB GYN MD for the possible pregnancy and infection.

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Can I still get pregnant if I have a yeast infection?

YES. Treatment of pregnant women is primarily indicated for relief of symptoms. Vaginal candidiasis is not associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes. Read more...

Can a yeast infection be the reason I can get pregnant?

Can't get pregnant? I'm guessing you meant to say can't get pregnant - then the answer is no, yeast infections have no effect on your fertility which is a good thing as they're so common. Having said that if you get very frequent yeast infections it can rarely be due to an underlying disease like type 2 diabetes, which can affect your health or your pregnancy. Read more...