Cervical ectropion due to be treated by laser; symptoms much worse - bleeding daily & abundantly, not related to intercourse. Potential other disease?

Not typical. Cervical ectropion is usually just an anatomic variant and not an abnormality. It is possible that this could cause bleeding but is not a common cause. I would confirm the diagnosis. Cervical polyps, endometrial polyps, fibroids, infections and many other things are a more likely cause.

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Can a cervical ectropion bleed daily & abundantly? Been diagnosed with one due to be treated by laser; bleeding has become much worse in past weeks.

Chlamydia testing. A heavy bleeding from a cervical ectropion sound unusual, but I would not completely dismiss it. I would want to be sure, other factors have been ruled out, e.g., a chlamydia infection, and I would want to be sure that testing for HPV is negative, making is highly unlikely that this could be cervical dysplasia. Read more...

Why do I have vaginal bleeding after intercourse? Could it be because of cervical ectropion? I don't have any sexually transmitted diseases

Could be. Cervical ectropion is a possibility especially in a teenager. Cervical infections like chlamydia can do this. Cervical warts from hpv, cervical polyps, irregular periods, hormonal imbalances are some of the other possibilities. Hopefully you are using condoms and are taking birth control. Please schedule a visit to determine the cause and to prevent an unplanned pregnancy. Read more...