Question for urologists: How many epididymectomies have you performed? Have you seen high success rates for chronic epididymitis from past chlamydia?

Success not likely. Epididymectomy may be considered for suspicious/possibly malignant masses but if this is the case then concurrent removal of the testicle may be needed. However, for chronic pain, often surgical removal is not effective for symptoms as they can return or never resolve at all even after surgery. Consultation with pain management may be needed if pain is debilitating.

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Is it possible that an isolated infection causing chronic epididymitis, like chlamydia and gonorrhoea, will not show up in a urine test?

Urethritis. A concomminant urethritis can be suggested in urine, but the caveat is that the specimen should be the first voided sampling (to contain the "washout" from the urethra (as opposed to the "midstream" clean catch specimen). Read more...

Can Chlamydia cause permanent damage in men's urethra and chronic epididymitis? Had chlamydia, STDs are negative now, still in pain, been 5 months now

Chronic pelvic pain? Chlamydia is not known to cause chronic epididymitis or permanent urethral damage. The cause of your symptoms depends on details not provided: Nature of the pain? Exact location(s)? Swelling of testicles or tenderness to touch? Prostate exam? Maybe prostatitis (not an STD) or chronic pelvic pain syndrome; see Wikipedia article for more info. (Uncomfortable but not harmful.) Keep working w/ doc. Read more...