If I get a cold will I get labyrinthist of ears or vertigo I have a fear of dizziness cause of this constant lightheaded feeling I've had 5 + yrs?

Possibly. inner ear congestion related to colds /allergic rhinitis or bacterial infection can lead to vertigo , until the inner ear dries out with over the counter cold meds such as antihistamine/decongestant, if does not work try nasal steroid like Flonase , 1 spray each nostril twice a day , use nasal saline to clear any thick mucus. if worse see ENT dr or primary dr for mdi of brain. get labs too.

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Will a cold cause labs or inner ear issues or dizziness vertigo I fear it cause of lightheaded ness I've had 6 yrs daily Drs tell me anxiety.?

Usually not. a cold or similar viral infection does not last for more than a couple of weeks. If your symptoms are there for 6 years then it is not cold. It may be anxiety or may not be it. Please follow doctors advice and have another evaluation by ENT soon. . Read more...