How common is discoid lupus in low thyroid disorder?

Hard to say/unknown, Discoid lupus just involves the skin, not the rest of the body. However, a person might have low thyroid in addition to this disorder, or they might have a full case of lupus with skin lesions. Lupus can present with fatigue and so thyroiditis might have to be considered and ruled out. So it is hard to say how often these two dieases are associated.

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Hello Doctor I am 45 yr old female with thyroid disorder. My recent blood test report showed hypothyroidism while my previous reports were hyper and?

Hypothyroid. This could occur if you had been previously treated for hyperthyroidism with surgery, radioactive iodine or antithyroid medications or if you had acute thyroiditis. In these circumstances an underactive thyroid status can ensue and thyroid supplement is needed. An endocrinologist or thyroidologist is best qualified to evaluate, advise and treat you. Read more...

What is lichenoid lupus erythematosus? How is it different from discoid lupus erythematosus? Best course of treatment that does not involve oral meds?

Oral agents best. Lichenoid lupus refers to a specific type if rash sometimes photosensitive, which is oftern red and raised. It occurs between the dermis and epidermis under the microscope. Discoid may also start as a red area but will cause atrophy and scarring. The best treatment is usually the oral agent plaquenil (hydroxychloroquine). Other options include sunscreen, moisturizers and topical steroids if the areas are small. Read more...