I have 2 wisdom growing in and my gums are swollen. My lymph nodes under my jaw are swollen. Can this be the reason?

Could be. Erupting wisdom teeth often develop inflammation. These infections can cause the lymph nodes in the area to enlarge. Get this problem checked as soon as possible. .
Probably. And you should be immediately evaluated by an Oral Surgeon. Problem may be transient or may be chronic. Get it evaluated.
Absolutely. See your Oral Surgeon right away to get this checked and to discuss your treatment options. Once it affects your lymph nodes the infection is starting to spread. Get in to be seen ASAP. Good Luck.
It could. As an 18 year old, you may well have partially erupted wisdom teeth creating inflammation and possible infection of the remaining gum tissue flaps in those areas. Get evaluated to make sure there is room for them to erupt into place and if not, consider exploring getting them removed. It's called pericoronitis and it's quite common..
Yes. Yes, most likely wisdom teeth. See oral surgeon - the wisdom teeth experts.s.
Most likely. The gums around your wisdom teeth may be trapping food and are infected. As a result your lymph nodes in the area are trapping the infection See your dentist.
Sure. Your symptoms can be atributed to the erupting teeth. You might have an infection. See a local dentist to determine if those teeth need to be extracted.
See a dentist ASAP. When wisdom teeth cause problems, they need to come out. If you are experiencing pain, swollen gums, lymph nodes and it does not go away or if you find it difficult to open your mouth, you should see a dentist for evaluation, x-ray and wisdom teeth removal.
Yes, see a dentist asap and have it treated.
Wisdom tooth pain. Your symptoms can be caused by erupting wisdom teeth and a possible infection. See a dentist ASAP for an evaluation.