I was diagnosed with GAD and neck muscle spasm. I get daily chtonic headaches due to the spasm but I fear Brain tumor. Dr won't send m for mri. Help?

Second opinion. Chronic headache might cause anyone to worry. In satisfying differential diagnostic problems, doctors properly examine & test patients to rule in & rule out disorders. When no organic causes are discovered, only then should functional & psychological disorders rise to top of differential list. Sometimes definitive studies, including imaging studies, are therapeutic; as negative results are shown.
Headache. You do not have brain tumor and you are more likely to benefit from proper treatment of your anxiety disorder and other mental health pathology.

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I feel ear fullness&neck muscle spasm on right side&balance prob spinning to the left side. It comes and goes. I've red nostril inside on the right side and now astigmatism. Could it be brain tumor?

Unknown. These symptoms need to be evaluated by your physician. More information is required, including ct or MRI study. Read more...
See below. Agree with need to evaluate and treat, but you could possess an inner ear problem called meniere's disease, and this could be pinned down by an otolaryngologist. If you have hearing loss focally on right side, and double vision, get MRI and "clear the air" regarding your concerns. Probably not tumor, but agree that you need a diagnosis. Read more...