What is the reason for snoring?

R/O OSA. OSA can be suggested by history and physical. Excess snoring/daytime sleepiness/apneic episodes/ aM headaches. And the Exam obesity/small oral airway/collar size>18. The definitive test is a PSG with split night/CPAP titration. I would request copy of sleep study and get a second opinion if you are not satisfied with the options. You are young CPAP can be difficult to tolerate. ENT FOR UPP EVAL.
Many. Snoring can be cause from a variety of sources to include increased soft tissue in your neck to sinus issues. Also nasal bone architecture can cause it as well.

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What is the reason behind snoring?

Many answers. Classically the snoring sound comes from the soft palate and uvula. However, when I have performed sleep endoscopy on my patients (patients are asleep as i watch their airway with a fiberoptic scope), I have seen the tongue, lateral walls, and even the epiglottis vibrate to contribute to the snoring. Improving nasal airflow is a good 1st step in addressing snoring. Read more...
Soft palate. When we inhale the soft palate can vibrate against the back of the throat. This usually only happens at night because muscle tone in the soft palate is lower and the recumbent position allows gravity to pull the tissues closer together. Some people anatomically have less space in the back of the throat making snoring more likely. Obesity also makes it more likely. Read more...