Do I have a staph infection on the inside of my lips?, they keep sticking together, red, sore and have what looks like puss on them

Doubt staph. Herpes? Staph is an unlikely cause of such symptoms, and "conditions" list sore throat as well as the mouth problem. Maybe herpes if you have been exposed, i.e. kissing someone with oral herpes or oral sex on partner with genital HSV. Other viruses and allergic reactions also are possible. For sure see a doctor ASAP -- the sooner the better both for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment if herpes.

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I think I have a staph infection, I am being. Plagued with sore all over like pimples, puss doesn't come out, swelling and redness very painful. Help?

Staph is dangerous. Please do not avoid going to the doctor. People are dying from staph infections. You have pain and have sores 'all over'. Get to the nearest clinic or urgent care center. Do not squeeze, pop, pinch or damage the sores. You do not want to drive the infection deeper than it already is. Read more...