I have fibromyalgia.. ...I'm doing yoga for 6 months now....what else do you suggest?

Exercise. 34 y fem w. fibromyalgia seeks cure; does yoga to improve muscle mass, tone & symmetry. High impact exercise hurtful;walking better. Soft tissue spasms: massage & gentle exercise in low ambient Gravity via Aquatherapy. Obesity begets sedentariness, weak/spastic muscles & ligament/joint injury. Nutrition; protein; Vit D; cannabis: mood, pain & sleep; biofeedback; tai chi & mindfulness therapies.
Modalities. cross training, meditation, walking, massage therapy, aromathery,prayer and read the book: The Relaxation Response, by Herbert Benson, M.D.
Many therapies. have been shown to be beneficial. Nonpharmacological therapies include patient education, exercise, and cognitive behavioral approaches (therapy). Medicationl therapies include tricyclics, gabapentinoids, and serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors. Patients often fare better when several different types of treatments are used together.