Why would my nipples hurt and my breasts?

Hormonal changes. Breast tenderness is common in menstruating women due to cyclic changes in their hormones every month. Anyone who also notes redness, discharge from the nipples, dimpling of the breast skin, or a lump in the breasts should discuss their breast pain with their physician. Women over 50 should also get yearly mammograms to screen for breast cancer. Pituitary tumor can cause breast discharge. Get eval.
Agree plus. I believe mammograms should start at 40 or 35 years. If there are indications, ultrasounds and breast MRI may be advised.Again, please visit a physcian whose is well-trained in the treatment of breast disorders. While breast discharges are commonly benign and just hormonal, 5-9 % are cancerous or could be a precursor to cancer.Remember the diagnosis of serious breast disease is made by a biopsy.