Will Carafate (sucralfate) effect my other medications absorption?

Definitely. The carafate can prevent adequate absorption of other meds. They should either be taken and hour prior or several hours after . it prevents this by coating the absorptive area and thus is blocked from gaining any of the meds or at least part of it .Since you take protonix (pantoprazole) do you need the carafate?

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Since sucralfate creates a protective layer in the stomach does it affect the absorption of other medications? Can I eat after taking this medication?

Tough medication. It acts just like the pepto bismol commercials used to show with the pink coating lining the stomach. With carafate (sucralfate) being taken 4 times a day, it is difficult to time the dosing of other medications. You have to take other medications an hour before or two hours after you take carafate (sucralfate). Same with meals. Hopefully, you can heal up your stomach lining and switch over to an easier medication to take. Read more...