I have cysts on my ovaries but according to my doctors not the syndrome and after many tests they don't know why I have cysts on my ovaries, but I'm n?

Normal. Normal ovarian function requires cysts.Eggs develop in cysts known as follicles which rupture and release the ripe or mature egg at ovulation.This is known as a follicle cyst.Several eggs start developing,one becomes the dominate follicle and the others just go away.After ovulation the spot where the egg grew develops a corpus luteum,another type of cyst, that produces progesterone .Hope this help.
This is normal. Cysts on the ovaries are normal and come and go all the time. They represent small immature eggs and usually regress while a few will continue on to ovulation. Multiple cysts can be associated with other problems, and if a cyst gets too big it can be a problem. Otherwise, if your periods are regular and you have no other symptoms, you need not worry just because they are there.