Is invasive cervical cancer visible in a pelvic exam?

Possibly. Invasion can be microscopic and impossible to see on exam but in the late stages of cervical cancer there is often a visible mass.

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I am being taken for my cervical cancer vaccination...I am not a virgin...Will I go through a pelvic exam...? . As the doctor is a family doctor?

No exam needed. The american society for cervical pathology (the people who make the rules about pap smears) don't recommend these exams until age 21; whether you're a virgin or not doesn't matter. So if an exam is what's making you anxious about getting the vaccine, don't worry; get the vaccine. Seriously. It prevents cancer. Totally worth it. You can always refuse an exam. It's your body, your rules. Read more...

I haver cervical cancer on dads side of family, no pain during sex but slight bleeding during sex and constant achy pelvic pain could I have it?

See a gynacologist . You may have pelvic inflammatory disease , may be the cause of your pain , you are 17 at this age you still can be vaccinated with quadrivalent ( Gardasil ) covering types 16, 18 , 6 and 11. Take care of yourself , and don't worry about cervical cancer foe next few decades.. Read more...