Can a small lump in neck that's moveable considered lynphoma? Does size indicate if it's lynphoma? I've been losing weight

Not necessarily . Lymph nodes are everywhere in your body and act as filters help your immune system function properly. They can filter foreign particles such drainage from allergies, infection or cancer cells. They can become inflamed or enlarged.An enlarged node's size doesn't tell whether it is more likely or not to be cancerous. further tests such as a CT or biopsy. Neck lump poss thyroid nodule. Appt needed .
Not really. It can be a simple Lymph node. Best is check with your MD. A physical exam and if needed work up will clear the situation and diagnosis.
Lots of questions. Please forgive me. You need to look for some other explanation for your weight loss. Lymphoma is very, very unlikely given what you've been telling us in this and other inquiries. A good history and physical exam, a diet history, and some basic labs (thyroid, chem profile, CBC) need to happen; if weight loss seems due to subtle disease, tests to rule out gluten enteropathy, adult CF, others.