How can I treat hemorrhoids?

Conservative mgmt. Conservative management (non surgical) includes things like: sitz baths 2x/day, balneol lotion, wet wipes, calmol 4 rectal suppositories 2x/d-all for 7-10 days. Avoid constipation, use a stool softener if needed, avoid spicy foods (if it burns on the way in, it burns on the way out), coffee, alcohol, tobacco. Frequent, ongoing, or recurr symptoms, e.g. Pain, bleeding, lump- see colorectal surgeon.
Can control & relief. by good healthy balanced high fibre diet , plenty of fluids , local care and stool softners , will give relief in most of the times.
Diet and fluids. In general eating a high fiber diet and more importantly, drinking 80-100 ounces of non caffeinated, non alcoholic fluid per day, more if excercising vigorously, should be adequate enough to keep your hemorrhoids quiet. If in doubt or not successful instituting above, get them checked by a colorectal surgeon.

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How can I treat hemorrhoids. I have lump around my anus and is painless. How much tym it takes to heal?

Preparation H or sim. the hemorrhoid is likely an external one that has already clotted off. That it is painless is good. It will heal and form a skin tag. Read more...

How can I treat my hemorrhoids?

Various. Numbing cream may help. Surgery may be needed. Proper diet may reduce their incidence. Spending less time on the toilet may also help. Less straining helps. Read more...

How can I treat my hemorrhoid? What medication can be used to treat a bleeding hemorrhoid?

Keep moving. Hemorrhoidal cream or witch hazel can be used. Minimize them by not sitting on the toilet to read. If they interfer with your quality of life then seek out a colorectal surgeon. These can be treated and you will feel better. Read more...