Is taking L-arginine with l tyrosine supplement good for Ed due to performance anxiety?

No way to tell . Unfortunately, dietary supplements are regulated as foods (as opposed to drugs). As such, they are not required to undergo the same testing (or prove their claims to be true). Also, since no third party testing of their product is required - the ingredients listed don't even have to match what is in the bottle. Wish I had a better answer ... Good luck!

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Is l tyrosine good for sex performance anxiety and PE? If not, then what anti depressant is the best?

Maybe. Tyrosine is an amino acid used by your body for many things. If a deficit of this molecule is the cause of your anxiety then taking it will cause a lessening of symptoms. There are many different medications to reduce anxiety. Which one is best depends on your physical condition, medical history and how you deal with anxiety in general. Talk to your doctor, if s/he cannot help s/he will refer. Read more...