Is DVT in the back of the calf?

Needs ultrasound. Calf pain is associated with DVT but DVT can occur in any deep veins including the pelvis and thigh. . There are many symptoms associated with DVT and pain is only one of them. If you have calf pain then it would be wise to obtain a venous duplex scan which is highly accurate in diagnosing DVT. See a vein specialist.
On the inside. . A DVT is located in the veins deep within the leg, if you consider the leg three dimensionally. But the cramping can be felt behind the leg in the calf, and you may feel a hard vein there as well. .
Location. DVT by definition is deep venous thrombosis. This typically occurs in the deep veins in your legs. Which can be in your calves, thighs or pelvis. This can also occur in the veins in your arms (however much less common).
Can be. . That is a common area. DVT or vein clot can be in any vein in the body. If you have pain or swelling see your Doctor. You may need an ultrasound. .